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An events app for Northeastern clubs.

Northeastern has hundreds of events each week.
Discover them with Parade.

Meet Parade.

Parade is the platform for event discovery. Parade is designed by Northeastern students, for Northeastern students, to communicate what’s happening on campus. The app allows student organizations (orgs) to advertise their events, and for students to discover them. Keep up with what's going on in your favorite clubs, see who else has RSVP'd, and find new clubs and events that align with your interests.


Why should the club fair at the beginning of the year be the only time to learn about what’s happening on campus? With Parade's discovery features, you can find new clubs and events at any point in the semester!


The Parade team recognizes that student leaders put hours of work each week in their clubs, many of which are spent advertising their events to students. With Parade, simply post an event to your organization's page and communicate instantly with the Northeastern community.

Meet the Team.

Founding Team


Carter Tune


Carter is a fourth year CS student. He is involved in all stages of product development and takes an active role in planning and outreach. In the Fall he is headed to Silicon Valley to co-op at Sumo Logic.


Josh Spicer


Josh is a fourth year CS student. He is focused on product development, deployment and management of Parade's cloud infrastructure, and execution of Parade's core mission. Josh's last internship was as a Backend Engineer at Microsoft.


Kathleen Ballard


Kathleen is a fourth year pharmacy student with interests in entrepreneurship, nutrition, and business. Kathleen works on communication and outreach initiatives for Parade, leveraging community connections across Northeastern to help promote and improve the app.


Pranita Lokinendi


Pranita is a fourth year Interaction Design student, as well as a freelance graphic designer. She works as Parade’s UI/UX designer, ensuring both that the application’s interface is aesthetically pleasing and that users have positive experiences. She just completed an internship at Cogo Labs in Cambridge.



Brandon Liang


Brandon is a first year CS student. He is interested in software development, cybersecurity, data science, and pretty much anything else in CS you can think of. He is working on optimizing Parade’s user interface and formulating new ideas for the app.


Isabel Bolger


Isabel is a third year Computer Science major from Seattle. She is new to the Parade team and is excited to learn more about mobile app development. Her last internship was at Microsoft in Silicon Valley. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar, watching football, and playing with her dog.


Kirpal Demian


Kirpal is a first year CS student. He's mainly interested in web and app development, with a focus on user interface design. He is also interested in entrepreneurship and project management. Currently, he is helping on the mobile app for Parade.



Spencer Berg


Spencer is a first year Business Administration Student with a concentration in Entrepreneurship who also plans to undertake Data Science. Spencer works on the vision and planning for future updates of Parade, as well as extending community outreach by gaining and reacting to valuable feedback.


Grace Yi


Grace is a second year Business and Communication Studies major concentrating in Marketing. She is also interested in healthcare management and consulting, and is looking forward to working with the outreach team to promote Parade around campus.

Contact Us!

Parade is currently in active development and looking for any and all feedback. Let us know your feature requests, bugs, or general thoughts.

For spotlight submissions or other inquiries, a member of the Parade team will follow up with you at the address you provide.

You can reach us at

Join The Team!

Parade is a project driven entirely by Northeastern students. We're currently looking for more students to join our dev team.

Interested? Send us a message at to learn more.

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