Parade & Orientation

Josh Spicer & Kathleen Ballard

It’s your first night on campus; college feeling so new, and the future so overwhelming. Stepping onto the Library Quad, you see the endless line of tables ahead of you. The Activities Fair is crowded with eager new students just like yourself, and even more current students sharing their pride and passion for one of Northeastern’s 450+ campus clubs. You manage to visit nearly half of the tables before you notice - they’re already packing up! The Activities Fair — your opportunity to easily discover clubs and events — is quickly ending.

Since we began Parade a few months back, I’ve regularly reflected back on how I felt at my Activities Fair, using it as motivation for addressing this common concern. Campus clubs are run by devoted Northeastern students, many of whom work year-round to maintain their organizations whilst consistently trying to recruit new members. We at Parade are driven by one overarching purpose: to create a platform that showcases the clubs and events of Northeastern.

This fall, we will be launching Parade’s Explore page, which aims to serve as a “24/7 Activities Fair”. Parade will allow students to intuitively discover events and opportunities throughout the semester. We aim to eliminate the stress of marketing for organizations and provide an accessible platform of exploration for the entire Northeastern community.

That said, Parade will be at this year’s Freshman Orientation Activities Fairs, introducing ourselves to students and clubs alike.

The Activities Fair will take place on each of the following dates from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m. on the Library Quad (near Snell Library).

  • Monday, June 11
  • Monday, June 18
  • Monday, July 2
  • Monday, July 16
  • Monday, July 23
  • Monday, July 30

We’re very excited to get feedback on the work we’ve done so far, and we look forward to understanding how to further enhance the Parade experience. Stop by our table to learn more, and be sure to check out our Instagram, where we will be spotlighting Northeastern clubs all throughout the summer.

If you’re in charge of a student org and would like to step into the spotlight, please reach out to join the Parade!