Parade Beta 1.4

Josh Spicer

THANK YOU for all the feedback so far! We’ve been working hard to add requested features, as well as polish up the app before the fall semester begins.

— Added “Edit Org” screen for admins.
— Added Unified Notifications
— Redesigned user profile to constantly display at bottom of screen
— Added menu indicators
—  Redesigned main menu to be more intuitive and useful
—  Removed header bar in favor of floating menu icons
— Reorganized navigation
— Changed text descriptions in various places (add org, etc..)
— Changed “event description” to “org description” text when creating new org
— Changed "email" to "org Email" where applicable
— Made login page more intuitive (easier to find Northeastern login)
— Lowered minimum iOS version to 10.3 (was 11.2)
— TONS of compatibility changes for the Android version (none of which hopefully are too visible in iOS)

— Fixed issue on 5S-sized devices where User Registration tag picker clipped off screen
— Fixed issue where org names were rendered off screen (on plus devices usually)
— Fixed various photo uploading issues
— Made “selected tags” more visible on edit user panel
— Fixed buttons overlapping on iPhone 5s on Event Details page
— Slight padding on mini event
— Added max-width to mini events to prevent stretched look on horizontal views
— Fixed list of admins rendering strange on 5S/SE-devices
— Capitalized ‘p’ in “parade” on home screen
— Added padding on MiniEvents
— Fixed Back button
— Probably lots more…

If you found an issue that wasn’t listed here - PLEASE let us know!