Why you should play Survivor Northeastern

Josh Spicer

I was a “castaway” last semester on Season 3 of Survivor Northeastern: here’s why you should become a castaway too.

First off, What is Survivor Northeastern?

Survivor Northeastern is a student-run season of CBS’s TV show Survivor. The season is played out on campus for the entire four month semester. Around 20 students begin, one person getting voted off at tribal council each week until one sole survivor remains.


The best part of Survivor Northeastern is that it’s not just a club, but also a genuine (YouTube) TV show. Every moment of the game is filmed, whether it be challenges, secret alliance meetings, or late-night idol hunts through campus. Get used to staring into a camera for your weekly confessionals, and make sure you give your production member a heads up before meeting with your other “final three” alliance.


Started by Northeastern student Casey Abel and her friends a few years back, Survivor Northeastern has since evolved into an ever-growing community. The “production team” alone is over 30 members strong at this point, with students working on challenge design, tv production, outreach, and more year-round!

Interested in learning more? Check out Survivor Northeastern’s Website for more info! You can find Season 4’s application here, and find Survivor on Parade later this year!


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